Lesser Kestrel

(Falco naumanni)

Gang of 9: Italians, Greeks and Iberian

  • Can hover in the air, staying in one spot by flapping its wings rather than gliding

  • The nickname “primilla” comes from being one of the first species to return from Africa

Kestrels are small falcons that feed mainly on insects. They live in open land, cultivated areas, steppes…. But they nest in buildings such as churches, towers or village houses.

Due to their continuous decline, GREFA has a captive breeding project to recover the number of kestrels in the wild. We have several captive breeding pairs that breed and raise approximately 250 chicks every year.

In addition, we also take care of the construction and maintenance of the primillares. These are tower-shaped constructions designed and adapted for the reintroduction of the lesser kestrel and for the settlement of natural populations.

For more information : Meet the troupe of lesser kestrels

Download the routes of the lesser kestrels here:

Irida, Lesser kestrel in Greece.

Itaña,  Lesser kestrel in Italy.

Natilla  Lesser kestrel in Spain.

Penelope Lesser kestrel in Spain.

Pinacoteca, Lesser kestrel in Spain.

Gemma, Lesser kestrel in Italy.

Alcheo, Lesser kestrel in Italy.

Erasmo, Lesser kestrel in Turkey.

Perpetuo, Lesser kestrel in Spain.

                                     Migratory Routes of the Lesser Kestrels Gang