Montagu’s Harrier

(Circus pygargus)

Panzer, the blue-grey male.

  • He is not afraid to fly across vast inlets

  • He camouflages his nests in the middle of agricultural cereal fields

Montagu’s harriers are medium-sized birds of prey with very long wings and tails. They live in cereal fields, meadows and wastelands and hunt rodents, small birds or eggs, reptiles and large insects.

Galán is a Montagu’s harrier that was marked in the field, in the cereal steppes of the Henares River in 2019. That same year another 4 specimens were tagged in different locations, of which only 2 specimens were found to complete the whole migration route, Galán being one of them.

Thanks to the transmitter we knew that he spent his first winter between Gambia and Senegal, and so he did the following 3 years.

More information in the following link: Meet Galan

Montagu’s harrier route in kml format: Galán’s track

See the didactic material in Educational Resources_Session 3