I would like to participate:

Non-attendance mode.
  1. Choose the bird you would like to journey with.
  2. Contact us explaining briefly the characteristics of the participating group and what you find interesting about the project. We will send you all the necessary material free of charge so that you can carry out the activity, including didactic guidelines. We are available to answer questions.
    You can choose to send your application to GREFA’s headquarters (Madrid, Spain) educacion@grefa.org or to SILENE’s headquarters (Sicily, Italy) info@silenecoop.org
  3. Send us your Journey Diary! We will upload it so that it can be shared with other groups and so that we can describe the trips of these birds in a collaborative way.

Note: materials can be requested for all sessions or just one.

Face-to-face mode.

In the areas near Madrid and the cities of Segovia and Toledo (in Spain), and in the surroundings of Piemonte (Torino province) and Sicily (in Italy) consult the possibility of environmental educators travelling free of charge to the educational centre to carry out the activities together with the teacher.

  1. Contact the local partner. Explain briefly the characteristics of the participating group and why you find the project interesting.
  2. We will contact you to determine all the details and set the date of the activity.

Important information:

  • The activity is free of charge.
  • A classroom group is between 10-30 participants.
  • For each school or organisation there can be 1-3 participating classrooms. Several dates can be chosen. Each complete activity, for each group, lasts 3 teaching hours.
  • It can take place at the partners’ premises (transport not included) or at the training centre, school or institute itself (no transport costs).
  • The activity can take place in a normal classroom. A projector must be available.