Egyptian Vulture

(Neophron percnopterus)

Bibei, glider and scavenger.

  • The young travel to sub-Saharan Africa and stay there for the first 5 years of their life, after which they return to Europe.

  • Very skilful, able to break the thick shells of ostrich eggs by throwing stones at them.

Egyptian Vultures are highly intelligent scavengers. They live in abrupt areas where there is a rocky cliff or escarpment. They are also very philopatric, tending to return to the place where they were born.

Bibei is an Egyptian Vulture tagged in his nest in the province of Orense, near the river Bibei, hence its name. After 6 years of receiving information about his journeys thanks to the transmitter he was carrying, finally in May 2021 it became detached and his track was lost. This is a common occurrence, as the transmitters are placed in such a way that they can become detached over time.

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